Weston Online

The WestonOnline site contains a comprehensive, easily navigable library of legislation and guidance governing the offshore oil and gas industries in the UK and Ireland. Some 20 oil companies and 50 major service companies subscribe to Information Services, with over 1000 key personnel within these organisations regularly using our OnLine service.

A subscription to the site gives our users access to the full Weston database of legislation and guidance, which is maintained and updated on a daily basis. Regular updates are flagged up on our News page – alerting users to new documents and any changes in legislation, as soon as they are published.

We bring together the huge volume of regulations and guidance into one place – a place where users can quickly and easily access the relevant information. Legislation is linked to related guidance documents in order to help build a clear picture of how the legislation applies. 

The Weston Online site contains a comprehensive database of Acts, Statutory Instruments, EU Legislation, HSE Guidance, DECC Guidance, MCA Rules and Guidance, Alerts, Notices etc.

Here you can browse a complete database of the rules, regulations and guidance relevant to the offshore sector. Regulations are linked to related guidance documents to help make sense of the requirements.

Always Up-to-date

Unlike the UK Government's own online database of regulations, any amendments to existing regulations are immediately made to the documents in our database. These are clearly marked to ensure you know where changes have been applied.

This way you can be sure that you are always seeing the most up-to-date version of the regulations. Furthermore, our notes let you know exactly where any amendments have been made, and which legislation made the amendments.

A Wealth of Guidance

As well as legislation, WestonOnline contains up-to-the-minute guidance issued by bodies such as DECC, HSE, MCA and the CAA, helping you make sense of the legislative requirements.

Just like the legislation, these documents are uploaded as soon as they are issued by the relevant body.

News and Alerts

Weston ensures that you are always aware of new additions to the legislative regime. The Weston OnLine homepage displays a news feed, with all new additions highlighted.

In addition, a subscription to the site means you will receive regular email updates which will alert you to new documents, changes to the legislative regime, and any other information that may impact your project. On a monthly basis we will send you a news digest - outlining all the updates that have occurred in the past month.