Regulatory Compliance Management

At Weston we employ our 35 years of experience in the industry to identify - and ensure compliance with - the rules, regulations and guidance relevant to our clients' projects.

We have developed unique tools to help us guide you through the legislative requirements throughout the project - from design to operations and eventually to decommissioning.

The Weston organisation has been involved with the UK offshore energy industries since 1978. It has been the principal source of legal reference material used by managers and engineers in energy companies and service companies alike who have a responsibility for ensuring compliance with UK Offshore Health, Safety and Environment law.

Building upon this background in regulatory compliance, we have developed a suite of software tailor-made for the oil and gas industries that helps us manage your regulatory compliance needs.

Weston Products

Weston employs three main products, alongside our consultancy and advisory roles, to ensure our clients meet their regulatory requirements. Each serves a different, though complimentary, purpose - helping our clients manage, plan and record their legislative responsibilities.

Weston Online

An online database of rules, regulations and guidance relevant to the industry.

The site is updated daily, with new pieces of legislation and guidance flagged up as news items.

PLANC Manager

allows users to identify and plan the submission of the permits, licences and consents required for the execution and operation of their project.


assists those who are required to demonstrate their organisation’s compliance with health, safety and environmental legislation, while providing a means to record and store evidence of compliance.

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Using Our Experience to Build Software

We have drawn upon our many years of experience consulting on regulatory compliance to develop our unique suite of internet-based software. 

Weston understands the challenges that come with addressing regulatory compliance, and the tools we use to help manage compliance are based on our experience of working closely with our clients in the oil and gas industry.

Tackling the Regulatory Regime

One of the biggest challenges facing our customers is keeping up with changes to the regulatory regime. Weston provides you with the peace of mind that you will always be working with up-to-the-minute information. You can be sure that you will never miss a change in legislation, or the latest piece of guidance.


Weston's planning tools employ a strong visual elemenet - allowing you to get a clear overview of the status of the project. Our software is designed to give you the ability to quickly see how much progress has been made on compliance, and what remains.


S-curves and charts are employed to help you visualise progress and forthcoming requiements.

Data Management

Keeping track of permits and licences is easy with PLANC Manager and COMPASS. Both provide a way to store important documents and background, while access to those documents can be restricted to certain permission levels.