An introduction to PLANC manager

PLANC Manager is a web-based tool provided by Weston to provide its clients with a user-friendly, systematic method of identifying the permits, licences, authorisations, notifications and consents necessary for the execution and operation of their projects. The PLANC Manager system achieves this by:

• Identifying the rules and regulations which require duty holders to seek approval from, or notify, a regulatory body prior to executing works

• Ensuring timely acquisition of such approvals and notifications

• Monitoring and reporting progress towards full regulatory compliance

• Compiling a record of regulatory compliance activities and approvals

PLANC Manager - Capabilities

Weston has developed PLANC Manager in consultation with its clients in the oil and gas industry. We have spent many years honing the design and features of the programme to provide a comprehensive, easy-to-use system that delivers all the capabilities required to help users manage the permits and licences on their project.


Building a new project in PLANC Manager is easy - they can either be built from scratch or constructed from one of Weston's set of pre-installed templates. These customisable templates have been built based on our extensive experience working on a wide variety of projects and allow users to quickly establish the permits and licenses required for their project.

How PLANC Manager helps you manage your project

PLANC Manager is designed to assist users in visualising and managing the permits and licences relating to their project. It can be used to provide a large-scale overview of the whole project and the management of individual project areas.


One of the central feature of the PLANC Manager system is the ability to set timings against a particular item. Here you set a final deadline for completion and add lead-in periods to account for periods such as application preparation and the statutory review period. These can be set in consultation with Weston, as our many years worth of experience providing permits and licence guidance has given us a wide knowledge of how long applications take to prepare and approve.

These dates drive a system of alerts which flag up items as they approach milestone dates. A straightforward set of colour-coded alerts mean you can quickly see which items are drawing close to a deadline.

Email Alerts

The alerts system can be set up to send emails to let responsible persons know when items are reaching a deadline or when certain project milestones are imminent. By assigning users to particular items, it is possible to manage who is alerted and when. 

Email alerts can, of course, be disabled.

Visual Output

PLANC Manager has a strong visual element to provide a quick overview of the project status. Colour coded alerts and S-Curve charts allow users to assess the project progress and flag up any outstanding or upcoming tasks. 


PLANC is designed to help users produce flexible, comprehensive reports that can be downloaded and printed. The PLANC Manager reporting system is able to produce a huge number of tailored reports in which certain outputs can be highlighted or hidded according to the purpose of the report.

These can be produced in .xlsx format for use in Microsoft Excel and other compatible programmes, while .csv files can be produced for use in other programmes or for raw data reports.

The reporting function is user-driven, with users able to select which data they would like to report on. Built-in report formats show upcoming, approved or overdue items, while custom reports can be created and saved to show different configurations of data.

Storage of Documents

Permits and other project documentation can easily be uploaded to PLANC Manager for storage and future reference. These can be tied to individual PLANC items, allowing quick and easy recovery and providing additional background.

The PLANC Manager system has in-built permission controls, ensuring that access to sensitive documents can be limited to those with the necessary permission level.

Multiple Projects and Legislative Regimes

The system is based around accounts rather than idividual projects, so companies can have multiple projects under their company account. It is easy to switch between projects, and data can be copied between if necessary. 

Although the majority of our projects are based in the North Sea, the system is not limited to a single legislative regime. Many projects we deal with include legislation from overseas governing project areas that are taking place beyond UK waters.

We also have a complete project based in the Irish legislative regime, and hope to add others.


COMPASS is a further piece of software that Weston has developed to help manage evidence of compliance. Click 'Read More' to see how COMPASS could be used on your project.

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