Environmental Alert 001/2019 – HFC Availability Reduction

The use of F-gas with a global warming potential of 2,500 or more to service or maintain refrigeration equipment, with a charge size of 40 tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent or more, shall be prohibited except, until 1 January 2030, where;

- The F-gas is reclaimed and is labelled accordingly;

- Reclaimed F-gas is being used for the maintenance or servicing of existing refrigeration equipmen, (provided it has been recovered from such equipment). Such recycled F-gas may only be used by the service company which carried out its recovery as part of maintenance and servicing, or the operator for which the recovery was carried out as part of maintenance and servicing.

The above ban will not apply to fire protection systems or air conditioning and heat pump systems.

Furthermore, from 1 January 2020, Extruded polystyrene (XPS) foam equipment that contain HFCs with a global warming potential of 150 or more are banned except where required to meet national safety standards.