An introduction to the COMPASS system

COMPASS is a web-based management tool designed to assist in demonstrating compliance with Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) legislation. COMPASS assists users by identifying requirements across the project and tracking when evidence of compliance is provided. Its main capabilities are:

- Identifying the rules and regulations which require an organisation to do something (or not do something) in order to comply with UK Health, Safety and Environmental law

- Linking to Weston’s comprehensive database of current legislation, and alerting users to changes in the law

- Recording evidence of compliance against each regulation

- Maintaining a record of overall HSE compliance and providing easy access to the supporting evidence

Weston provides the tools for managing and recording evidence of compliance, as well as building the database of relevant legislation.

COMPASS provides a way for staff, contractors and coordinators to record evidence of compliance against each regulation. Weston will work with you to build a complete picture of the regulations, allowing you to see the complete regulatory picture relating to your project.

For each regulation which places a duty on an organisation or individual, COMPASS provides a means to record documentary evidence of compliance, either locally within COMPASS or via a hyperlink to the external documentation.

Weston will work with you to identify the regulations that apply, and the system allows you to easily allocate those regulations to certain contractors or responsible persons.

PLANC Manager

PLANC Manager is a further piece of software that Weston has developed to help manage permits, licences and consents. Click 'Read More' to find out how PLANC Manager could help your project.

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