Project Support

How Weston Can Support Your Project

Over the years, Weston has provided engineers and specialists to capital projects to manage regulatory compliance matters. Such support has ranged from teams of full-time personnel to part-time support for specific tasks. We have worked in a consultancy and support capacity on some of the largest capital projects in the North Sea.

Our unrivalled knowledge of the legislative regime means we are able to provide support and advice throughout the life of the project, from carrying out an initial assessment of the legislation that will apply to a forthcoming project to preparing and submitting applications.

Recently, we have started carrying out assessments of whole regimes for firms wishing to move into a new market or develop a project under a new regime. For clients wishing to move into a country they have not operated in before, we can develop a bespoke database of the rules and regulations in that country. This allows our clients to understand the requirements of that regime before works have even begun.


Weston provides a flexible, cost-effective source of knowledge, expertise and manpower.

We use our years of experience and contacts in regulatory bodies to deliver applications and permits as they are required. With Weston on board you can rest assured that authorisations and permits are in safe hands, without the need for a full-time presence.

We have provided compliance expertise to many of the largest projects in the North Sea region, including two of the biggest developments in the West of Shetlands area. We have recently started to get involved in exciting, cutting-edge developments off the western coast of Ireland. 

Our presence on a project means that we can provide advice, guidance and manpower as and when it is needed - providing you with a flexible and cost-effective resource.

Permits and Licenses

We have many years worth of experience in preparing a range of submissions and applications to regulatory bodies. We have prepared submissions for a range of projects, including Pipeline Works Authorisations, Consents to Locate and Safety Zone applications. 

Knowledge and Research

Our extensive knowledge of the UK and Irish regulatory regimes means we can provide a wealth of information on how the regulations apply to your project. Weston can prepare detailed information on applicable legislation and the permits that will be required. 

We also carry out research into new legislative regimes, building databases of relevant legislation around the world. Weston understands that projects will seldom be confined by national boundaries, and we have experience of regulatory regimes around the globe.